• Drannor Westhelm

    Drannor Westhelm

    The corrupt caravan master who hired the party at the very start. He was last seen being taken into custody by imperial soldiers after the failed trial against the party.
  • Fiona Hornraven

    Fiona Hornraven

    Duaghter of a powerful jarl of Elusk, and cleric to the goddess Kenra.
  • Oskarr Bronzefist

    Oskarr Bronzefist

    The noble dwarf fighter, haunted by his dead brother
  • Sevens


    72781, or Sevens for short, was met in the temple to Baynak Wolfheart. Destroed and then repaired, he now serves the party faithfully as a trusted friend and companion.
  • Sir Klaus Helder

    Sir Klaus Helder

    The undead knight
  • Tuggs


    A powerful goblin warlock in the employ of The Raven